About us

Sentinelle del mattino

We are Nicola Bulla and Simona Medda, after 11 years of engagement we married in october 11th, 2003 in Selargius, in the Holy Spirit church.

In april 15th, 2005 were born Antonio, a beautiful and nice child that twisted our new life together.

In september 17th, 2007 were born Stefano, our beautiful second son, second twister in family.

We are both franciscans, we have done our promise in december 7th, 2000, in the S. Ignazio of Laconi's sanctuary, in Cagliari.

Nicola is a software programmer and works in a research and development company.

Simona studies Engineering to the university of Cagliari and looks after Nicola and Antonio.

Antonio is interested in public relations and donates a lot of happiness to dad Niko and mom Simo.

Stefano does his best, stern mom's milk and grows.

Nicola, Simona, Antonio and Stefano Bulla